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CEPTA implemented two grant projects in a field of nuclear back-end in Slovakia:
1. Hidden aspects of nuclear electricity (June 2006 - May 2007)
2. Hidden aspects of nuclear electricity 2 (June 2007 - May 2008).
Both projects fully financed by the Slovak foundation Ekopolis which provides a more detailed information about these projects and their financing on its webpage (

The results of both projects were publicly available for comments in a form of consolidated studies (available only in the Slovak language). The first version of the study is no longer publicly available (due to being obsolete and containing mistakes), the second version which was made available for comments in May 2008 can be downloaded by clicking here.  We are thankful for valuable comments to everyone who provided them to us in a written or oral way, especially to Mr. Peter Salzer and his colleagues from the company DECOM. In 2009-10 period, the study was updated and is now available as the publication "Finančný deficit zadnej časti jadrovej energetiky na Slovensku" (available only in the Slovak language, published by the Matej Bel University in December 2010 - ISBN 978-80-557-0098-4). The publication is available in 11 Slovak public libraries, at the Matej Bel University library, or in a form of authors electronic copy which can  be requested from Peter Mihók at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

In 2007, CEPTA was active in the SEA process concerning the proposal of the Slovak nuclear back-end strategy. The comments sumbitted by CEPTA are available in the document Stanovisko OZ CEPTA k návrhu ekonomickej časti Stratégie (only in the Slovak language). Response to our comments were summarised in the final opinion issued by the Ministry of Environment (available only in the Slovak language - Záverečné stanovisko Ministerstva životného prostredia).

Since January 2011, Peter Mihók coordinates the Matej Bel University's research team involved in the project cofinanced by the 7th framework research program of the EURATOM entitled „Implementing Public Participation Approaches in Radioactive Waste Disposal" (the project is also kown by its acronym "IPPA"). In order to eliminate potential conflict of interests, in the period 1. January 2011 - 31. December 2013:
- CEPTA will not carry out campaigning activities in a field of nuclear energy,
- CEPTA will carry out only ad-hoc activities, where its know-how and experience gained in the 2006 - 2010 period is necessary for other NGOs that might continue in the activities of CEPTA: these may include the fields such as financial analyses of nuclear back-end financing, and application of international legislation in fields such as transparency and public participation in a nuclear sector (both in Slovakia and internationally).

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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