Ecodriving training with Miss Slovakia 2014 Laura Longauerová in Prague, Czech Republic, 23 May 2014 Print
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Experts on air protection, air quality and energy efficiency, instructors and driving trainers from the Slovak and Czech Republic met in agency SEVEn in Prague on 23rd May 2014 to discuss principles, settings and putting ecodriving into practice in both countries. Ecodriving training in the streets of Prague was a part of the professional workshop, too. This training was attended by Miloš Veverka from the civic association CEPTA and Laura Longauerová, Miss Slovakia 2014.


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Ecodriving is a way of sustainable mobility that begins with the choice of an appropriate means of transport (it prefers non-motorised and public transport), continues through choosing the right car, energy-efficient driving, smart use of air-conditioning or diesel particulate filter (DPF). Principles of energy-efficient driving form a substantial part of ecodriving.

From personal experience, I can say that ecodriving principles are easy to remember for everyone and I was surprised how they can reduce fuel consumption. After the first drive with an instructor, I saved 1.5 l / 100 km, i.e. approximately 15% of consumption. It is enough for a beginner and I believe that, after mastering this theory, it will be even better next time.” said Laura Longauerová, Miss Slovakia 2014, who took part in ecodriving training with qualified instructor.

Energy-efficient driving is taught by trainers also in the Czech Republic. Tomáš Voříšek, a representative of a civic association ECOWILL, specifies: “Due to European legislation, more specifically to the amended Directive 2006/126/ES from November 2012, energy-efficient driving is supposed to be a compulsory part of practical test for obtaining a driving licence of all categories, including category B for personal vehicles. Unified methodologies of ecodriving are defined today. They should be kept by driving school instructors, as well as by testing commissioners. Our association tries to put these issues into practice and we want energy-efficient driving to become a self-evident ability of every driver.

More information is in the attached press release (in Slovak only).

More photographs from the training can be seen here.

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