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Written by Daniel Lešinský   

Clean AirKlíma bez sadzíExperts from 11 countries of the European Union participated on the international conference Clean Air for Cities organized by a civic association CEPTA in Bratislava from 19thto 20th February 2014. The experts shared their experience and looked for the solutions in the sphere of air pollution. The conference was held under the patronage of the Bratislava mayor Milán nik. The representants of the European Commission, the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic, as well as independent experts presented their contributions. The main message of the conference was the confirmation of the bad air quality not only in Slovakia and presentation of the solutions. Every year 5,800 Slovak inhabitants die prematurely due to fine particle matters PM2,5. It is 20-times more than number of traffic accident victims. The solutions known from other EU countries can be funded by the structural funds 2014-2020 that are set at present. It depends on the Slovak Republic if our country takes advantage of this possibility and thus achieves the air quality improvement, minimally to the level of the EU limits by the year 2020.

The programme and presentations from all the sections of the conference can be found attached. Photos from the conference here, from the press conference here.

As well, you can find in attachment the publication from model city: Clean Air Copenhagen, successful practice in fulfilling the Air Quality Directive.  Publication is showing, how to get cleaner air in cities by low emission zones, congestion charge and bicyclists.

For those, who are interested in legal aspects of air quality protection in EU we recomend to visit the Clean Air legal website (of DUH): where you can find different usefull info-sources to solve air pollution by legal way.


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