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Written by Miloš Veverka   

altAir protection is supported also by Miss Slovakia 2014, Laura Longauerová from Detva, who is actively involved in environmental protection activities, e.g. ecodriving promotion. She explains: “We should not live just for the present, it is necessary to take care of the environment, where also our children are supposed to live. Ecodriving is one of the activities how everyone of us can contribute to the protection of air, climate and can reduce fuel consumption of their car.

Civic association CEPTA organized a press conference in Bratislava on 2nd June 2014, where the following items were presented:

1. ecodriving - content and principles,

2. ecodriving logo,

3. requirements of CEPTA on the EU Environment Council in Luxembourg on 12th June 2014.

More information you can find in an attached press release, in a letter to the Minister of Environment and in requirements of CEPTA below (in Slovak only).

Photographs from the press conference can be seen here.

Video recording from the Environment Council meeting in Luxembourg on 12th June 2014 can be seen here. The Slovak Republic was represented by the state secretary Ján Ilavský (see recording from 1:42:00 to 1:44:30). We regret that the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic lacks an ambition of principal modernisation of medium combustion plants, for which the EU funds can be used. In the requirements presented on behalf of the Slovak Republic (keeping of status quo untill lifetime of present devices, moderation of limits for district heating, for various kinds of fuel and for devices that heat less than 2000 hours a year) a significant and measurable state improvement is blocked for dozens of years.

Local furnaces are one of main air pollution sources, especially during the heating season. Nowadays there exist low emission furnaces with ten times lower emissions than in current ones and the EU funds 2014-2020 can help with their substitution. Therefore CEPTA does not understand and disagrees with this attitude of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic. We believe that objective argumentation would lead to more real politics of air protection in Slovakia, taking advantage of disposable ways that can be used for this purpose.


More about ecodriving you can find here.


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