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IMG 7182zm webFrom 22nd to 25th July 2014, a civic association CEPTA in cooperation with a certified instructor of energy-efficient driving and with a team of researchers from the Czech Republic gave a demonstration of ecodriving techniques on a bus, a lorry, a van and cars within a project Clean Air. 

At first, drivers took a route in their own routine way of driving. After training and ecodriving principles explanation, they had a possibility to practise ecodriving when taking the same route with the instructor Mr Jiří Čumpelík.


On Wednesday 23rd July 2014, demonstration drives were provided on a bus (motor conforming to EURO 4 emission standard), which was lent for free by SAD Zvolen. The route of approximately 60 km was followed: Zvolen – Sliač – Banská Bystrica (Sásová – town centre – Radvaň) – Zvolen. The route was designed to include all major differences the driver usually faces: driving from a town to another one, driving in town traffic, driving up and downhill, driving on a flat road and on a highway. After training and driving according to the instructions, 3.3 l of diesel / 100 km was saved, i.e. decrease of 16,3%. The length of driving stayed unchanged (approximately 1% of time was saved when ecodriving principles were applied). During the drive the research team from the Technical University of Liberec and from the Czech Technical University in Prague measured emissions of particle matters (quantity and fraction, including UFP), nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Results from these emissions measurements will be assessed in September 2014 due to the large data quantity and complexity of data processing.

IMG 7236mini web

On Wednesday afternoon, Miss Slovakia 2014 Laura Longauerová was driving a car on the route Zvolen – Očová – Detva – Vígľaš – Zvolen. Following ecodriving instructions 12.5% of fuel was saved (from 4.0 to 3.5 l / 100 km). This result can be considered as good, since Miss Slovakia 2014 had already known the principles of ecodriving that she actively promotes.

IMG 7298mini webOn Thursday 24th July 2014, a van with an older motor conforming to EURO 4 emission standard was driven. The route, like in the case of the bus, was set: Zvolen – Sliač - Banská Bystrica (Sásová – town centre – Radvaň) – Sliač – Zvolen. During both drives (the first one in driver’s routine way and the second one according to the ecodriving instructions) emissions were measured and the impact difference on air pollution will be assessed. In the afternoon and in the early evening, other car drives with the instructor were taken, too.

On Friday 25th July 2014, the demonstration drives in a truck (motor conforming to EURO 5 emission standard) of a transport company D.K.C. s. r. o. were performed on the route Zvolen – Sliač – Banská Bystrica (town centre – Radvaň) – by highway to Zvolen. After the driver´s training, the same route was taken again and 2.2 l / 100 km was saved, i.e. decrease of 9.5 %. According to the instructor, there was a saving potential of 3 l / 100 km. In the afternoon, there was another car drive during which the driver was adviced by the instructor and there was a drive driven by the instructor himself, too.

kamion DKC na demonstracne jazdy sm mini

Saving 1 l of diesel / 100 km means for a medium transport company of 50 lorries a possibility to save approximately 70 000 € and more per year. It follows from the results that savings can be significantly higher than 1 l / 100 km.

More photos from demonstration drives can be seen HERE.

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