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Ecodriving presentation, energy-efficient driving training and discussion during the “Days of the Town of Detva 2014“DSC 0280VyrezZm Ecodr

On Saturday 4th October 2014, we were driving ecologically in Detva. During the "Days of the Town of Detva" Daniel Lešinský, chairman of a civic association CEPTA, together with Miss Slovakia 2014 Laura Longauerová explained to the participants in a casual way what ecodriving is and which kinds of transport are considered to be ecological.

After a short ecodriving course, individual drives followed. During these drives, five participants had a possibility to try the principles of economic driving in practice with a certified instructor. The drives were performed by the delegates of the biggest car school in the region, the mayor of Detva, the head of town of Hriňová, as well as by Polish delegate from a partner town Tuchow.

The participants were driving from Detva to Hradná (8 km) in their own routine way of driving and then, after a short training, they took the same route according to instruction of the ecodriving instructor. The results were evaluated by a software and are summarised in the table below.

The mayor of Detva managed to drive the second best result of the training day, saving more than 20% of fuel. It also means 20% less greenhouse gases, 20% less detrimental emissions in the air and 20% financial savings for fuel.

DSC 0283VyrezZm













Tab. Evaluation of ecodriving drives during the "Days of the Town of Detva" on 4th October 2014

No. of driver

Increase of speed

Reduction of consumption

Saving of time










+ 5,21%












+ 3,98%



The table shows that reduction of consumption fluctuated and, in spite of the instructor advice, it depended significantly on the technique of driving of the participants (since the full course of ecodriving was not involved). Following the ecodriving principles all participants managed to increase average speed by 4% and consequently save driving time.

DSC 0348Zm

It is necessary to understand that better use of vehicle inertia, less braking and accelerating led not only to fuel consumption reduction, but also to lesser punishment of brakes and tyres.

"Already during the first drive, the participants were driving very well and safely. And thanks to their active attitude above-average results were achieved in some cases. I am very glad, " said the expert  and instructor of ecodriving Jiří Čumpelík and added: "I am happy that ecodriving  was participated also by the mayor of the town of Detva - Ján Šufliarský, a head of local municipality, as the first mayor in the Czech and Slovak Republics. "

In the afternoon, a public presentation was held in Podpolianske museum, which was also connected with a discussion concerning ecodriving and energy-efficient driving, where the ecodriving principles and results of individual participants were presented. Miss Slovakia 2014 Laura Longauerová talked about her own experiences with ecodriving, as well as with achieved savings, since she has already passed the course of ecodriving and acquired the principles of energy-efficient drive.
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More photos from the action you can see HERE.

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