Climatic and Cyclig Iniciative and Car Free Day in Zvolen (21st - 29th September 2014) Print
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IMG 8536 MiniOn Sunday 21st September 2014, civic association CEPTA organized an information stand on SNP square (“Námestie SNP”) in Zvolen. Its aim was to promote cycling, public transport, ecodriving, in short sustainable mobility that does not pollute the air and is climate-friendly. The event, supported by the project Clean Air, Cyklo Zvolen 2014 and Soot-free for the Climate campaign, was held within the European mobility week, which annually starts on 16th September and ends by Car-Free Day on 22nd September. The information stand was also a part of the whole world action “The Global People's Climate March”, which aimed to address people concerned with climate changes and air quality. More about The Global People's Climate March initiative you can find at:

Miss Slovakia 2014 Laura Longauerová participated actively in this event, as well as ...

... SAD Zvolen a. s., which provided an ecological bus for public transport fuelled by CNG.

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During the whole day, the information stand was visited by many passing people, mothers with their children, cyclists and professional or other drivers. Approximately 60 people from Zvolen and the surroundings came to the information stand. A visitor, who came from the most distant town, was the member of the Friends of the Earth organisation and he came from Prešov.

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The participants had a possibility to sign the petition to support cycling in Zvolen and to make accessible SNP square (“Námestie SNP”) and pedestrian zone in Zvolen for cyclists. The concept of ecodriving as a sustainable mobility and environmentally friendly driving, which can save up to 20% of finance, was presented to the visitors. They could visit the bus and talk to bus driver, what was appreciated especially by children.

Active cyclists were given safety reflective items (bands and stickers) with ecodriving logo. Thanks to SAD Zvolen a. s. children could try to "drive" ecological bus fuelled by CNG. We also appreciate helpfulness of the town of Zvolen when providing public place for the event.

The following day, 22nd September 2014, was International Car-Free Day. In cooperation with a civic association Slatinka we prepared an interesting programme for children from primary schools in the town. Although it was raining in the morning, in the afternoon we were able to prepare individual activities – children could cut out reflective items from reflective foil, test their knowledge about sustainable transport in picture quiz, learn something about ecodriving, as well as sit down at the bus driver seat in an ecological bus of SAD Zvolen a. s. This event was attended by approximately 50 children and adults.

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The last from the series of "mobility" days was Monday, 29th September 2014, when we compensated children for rainy morning during Car-Free Day. In cooperation with the Municipal Police of Zvolen and the civic association Slatinka we prepared many interesting activities and competitions – traffic playground with traffic lights and municipal policemen, bicycles and cycling track, in-line track for scooters, picture quiz of sustainable transport, creative workshop of cutting out shapes from reflective foil, ecological bus of SAD Zvolen a. s., etc. Several classes from the primary school of Zlatý Potok came riding their bicycles. Approximately 100 children and adults participated at this event. 

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